The Rose That Perfumed The World: Stories from Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi

What’s In The Book
The Rose That Perfumed The World” has 13 beautiful stories from Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi together with interpretations:

The Sultan’s Handmaiden
The Mysterious Sage, Hazrat Khizr
The Bald Dervish
The Shadow of God
The Treasures of Qarun
The Story of Ad and Hud
Shayban the Shepherd
Kalila and Dimnah
A Beggar in Rags
The Pompous Pipsqueak
Mystery in a Dark Room
The Painful Tattoo
The Moon’s Ambassador

About Mevlana Rumi

Mevlana’s gentleness endeared him to many. On one occasion, a completely inebriated man broke into Mevlana Rumi’s school and, after much ranting, fell upon him. His students were outraged and prepared to punish the trespasser. Mevlana stopped them, saying, “I thought only the trespasser was drunk, but it seems that all my students are drunk as well.”

Mevlana’s kindness extended to all creatures. One day, while walking in the Konya marketplace, Mevlana Rumi met a student and asked him for 10 dirhams. The student gave him the money and, out of curiosity, accompanied him. Mevlana purchased milk and went to a deserted house where there was a dog with a brood of newly born puppies. The dog couldn’t leave her puppies to find food and was starving. Mevlana fed the animals lovingly before returning to his house.

Mevlana was rarely known to be furious unless he saw injustice against the oppressed. One day, his daughter slapped a female servant in his presence. Mevlana was outraged and admonished his daughter. His daughter, repentant at her father’s words, resolved never to be cruel to the weak.

Mevlana wrote from his personal realization of the unseen world. He words are full of optimism and make us happy and hopeful for our future in this world and the next.

About The Book: The Rose That Perfumed The World

As Mevlana Rumi neared the end of his life, he penned his epic poem called Masnavi. In this poem, he shared his wisdom through stories, which were inspired by religion and tradition.

The stories in Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi speak about kindness and humility. His words inspire us to be good and walk on the right path.

Mevlana’s narratives are filled with happiness for every reader. Drawing from his personal experiences of God’s love, Mevlana Rumi communicates messages of positivity and hope to his audience.

The stories of Mevlana Rumi are juxtaposed with a rustic setting in this book. Picture an old-world farm where the diligent old man, Dadu works hard. During breaks from the labor, he shares these Sufi stories with his family.

What sets this book apart are not just the timeless tales, but the thoughtful and extremely well researched interpretations that accompany each story.

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the book remains true to Mevlana Rumi’s message. The emphasis is not solely on an intellectual translation of his poetry but on a heartfelt endeavor to grasp Mevlana’s spiritual wisdom.

Mevlana’s stories offer pure reading pleasure, and once you dive into them, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with Rumi’s writing. Suitable for readers of all ages, they are sure to provide comfort and inspiration.

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