The Lamps that Illuminated the World: Mystical Journeys of 3 Great Sufi Masters

What’s in the Book
The Lamps that Illuminated the World” traces the mystical journeys of three great Sufi masters: Sheikh al-Junaid, Hazrat Bayazid Bistami and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani.

About the book

We discover how the three devout Sufi sages – Sheikh al-Junaid, Hazrat Bayazid Bistami and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani – journeyed on their spiritual paths. We uncover anecdotes from their life which picturesquely illustrate their teachings. We read about the Sufi experience of God which reinforces our belief in the afterlife and deepens our faith.

While many books are dry historical biographies, other books embellish the legends so much that the reader ends up being skeptical at the fantastical stories. In this book we seek to stay true to the facts, while learning about the spiritual experiences of the Sufis as narrated in their autobiographical works, and in the accounts of their students and contemporaries.

We feel inspired to learn from the great spiritual masters and infuse their teachings in our life.

The goal of this book is to curate the inspirational facts about the mystic masters, distill the key tenets of Sufi spirituality and serve as an inspiration for further study of this fascinating subject. This is a book which everyone can enjoy and learn from.

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