Books on Prayers and Sufi Life

About the books

Welcome. The writing of this book series began as a personal project to curate the ancient Sufi wisdom that is today hidden away in academic libraries.

Each of these books is written with meticulous care for accuracy. Each anecdote is carefully cross-verified with multiple original sources.

The books are meant to be used by a seeker. Someone who wants to learn from the mystical paths of the ancient Sufis and dervishes and craft a personal spiritual journey.

For a casual time traveler these books should be very enjoyable as well. I have not embellished the facts with historical fantasies. I hope you will enjoy going back in time and witnessing the lives of the ancient masters.

It is the author’s hope that these books would be helpful to those looking to begin or renew their spiritual journey. I hope these books bring you peace and happiness.

Thank You.