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Grandpa’s Farm Stories

Stories connect us to our roots and keep us grounded in our culture and beliefs. This project is an effort to curate the age old stories that we all enjoyed as kids. These are stories that inspire us and make us happy.

Dada, as the kids call grandpa, taps fresh maple syrup for his beloved grandkids in early spring, and in summer the entire family enjoys a perfect picnic in the shade of the giant oak tree. Through the changing seasons in their countryside home, the kids love to hear Grandpa’s stories. His timeless tales of nature and Sufi wisdom keep us all spellbound.

What’s in the Books in the Series: Grandpa’s Farm Stories

  • Spellbinding stories from the Sufi tradition and ancient fables that celebrate and encourage moral values such as truthfulness and honesty.
  • Fun anecdotes from life on a farm that kindle a sense of wonder and inspire a love for nature.
  • Very well researched and enjoyable true stories from our natural and cultural heritage such as: “Ibn Sina – Father of Medicine,” “Al-Khwarizmi – The Father of Algebra,” and “All About the Majestic Oak.”

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