Grandpa’s Farm Stories #3: Heartwarming Stories from Grandpa

Table of Content
Harut and Marut, the Celestial Magicians: An ancient mystery.
Bahlool, the Wise Majnoon: Inspirational sufi wisdom.
Ibn Sina, Father of Medicine: The fascinating life and times of Ibn Sina who saved lives and pioneered medical research.
Flee from Bad Companions: Sagacious advice from Mevlana Rumi.

About the book
In the book, “Heartwarming Stories from Grandpa,” a loving grandpa shares his timeless wisdom with his grandkids who are visiting him on the farm. Dada, as the kids call their grandpa, brings to life the ancient fables and ancient wisdom in a collection of captivating short stories.

What distinguishes the stories in this book from many other similar stories is the deep research with a focus on accuracy of the details. As an example, even in the magical tale of Harut and Marut, the author takes care to discover the original narrative, instead of the many other fantastical versions.

The biography of Ibn Sina, Father of Medicine is very well researched. Not only the young adults but even grown-ups would enjoy reading about the journey of Ibn Sina from his humble home to the palaces of kings. The author is at pains to point out the hard work which went into Ibn Sina’s accomplishments instead of simply celebrating his genius. Ibn Sina’s biography is inspirational since it assures us that great achievements are not just a matter of chance. Everyone who works hard with single-minded devotion can have the opportunity to reach for the stars.

The book weaves in spellbinding tales from history, culture and tradition. The story of Bahlool, the Wise Majnoon introduces us to the lives and times of the great Sufis. The story inspires our curiosity and invites us to further explore the works of the Sufi masters.

Tales from Tradition, History and Magic
Heartwarming Stories from Grandpa,” is a book for all ages. Dada tells stories to his grand kids who have come to visit him on his farm. In this book, grandpa shares with his beloved grand kids the ancient wisdom that connects them to their cultural heritage. This is a book that each of us would enjoy – whether we are kids, young adults or grownups.