Grandpa’s Farm Stories #2: Dada’s Stories

Table of Content
The Puppy and Her Shadow: Daria’s pet puppy has a surprise when crossing the bridge!
Ahriman and the Bird: Ahriman learns a lesson from his kind friends.
The Story of Dana’s Oatmeal: Dana discovers that there is so much more to his favorite breakfast.
Al-Khwarizmi, The Father of Algebra: How did the ancient people function without calculators in the past? Dana and Daria learn about the astonishing inventions of the old times. They are now curious to learn more about mathematics!
Fascinating Fun Facts: Dada plays a brainstorming game with the kids. The kids learn some amazing facts to wow their friends.
The Infallible Man: Dada encourages Dana with kind words when his watercolor painting gets spoiled.
Hundred Thousand Veils: Mevlana Rumi’s beautiful verses bring peace to our hearts.

About the book
“Dada’s Stories” is a book which takes us back in time with timeless tales and beautiful whimsical illustrations.

Grandpa’s farm is beautiful and full of wonderful experiences. Dada, as the kids call their grandpa, is a storehouse of spellbinding stories. The kids entreat him to tell stories whenever they catch him in his free moments. His stories open their eyes to the wonder of nature all around them. They also learn about their rich cultural heritage and the traditions which connect us all together.

Grandpa infuses kindness in the ancient folklores. In his stories he does not make fun of someone who lost something because of a silly act. Dada knows how hunger and deprivation can drive one to desperation. Grandpa encourages the kids to have empathy for animals and humans who are not as fortunate as us.

Inspiring love for our natural and cultural heritage
With gorgeous watercolor illustrations and spellbinding stories, Dada’s Stories is a wonderful book for all age groups. In his stories, grandpa weaves in nature, tradition and cultural heritage that inspire us to explore and discover the world around us.