Grandpa’s Farm Stories #1: Tales from Dada’s Farm

Table of Content
Dana and Daria Visit Dada’s Farm: Both the kids immensely enjoy exploring their grandpa’s farm. The visit becomes especially memorable for Dana!
Daria Climbs the Oak Tree: Daria enjoys scampering on the giant oak with her new friend Sidra. Her brother Dana sits in the shade creating beautiful watercolors. And grandpa tells fascinating true stories about the majestic oaks.
Mr. Fox Says, ‘The Grapes are Sour.’: An ancient fable retold with fun illustrations.
Three Fishes: Three fishes live a charmed life in a pond. Then come the fishermen! Find out what happens next.
The Light of the Heart: Mevlana Rumi’s words bring us peace.

About the book
When Dana and Daria visit their grandpa’s farm, they discover breathtaking wide open spaces, hills blooming with wildflowers and thick woods teeming with mischievous woodland creatures. In their countryside rambles the kids wave at the good-natured farm workers driving tractors, and say hello to the cows and goats grazing in grassy pastures. The smell of sweet sap and the sounds of dry leaves and hay crunching beneath their hiking shoes are strangely peaceful, and immerses them in a rustic world that they come to love.

In this idyllic world, their happiness is made complete by the inexhaustible store of stories that their warm hearted grandpa has. He tells them wondrous stories and facts about trees and wildlife. Grandpa’s enchanting stories also bring to life ancient traditions. He tells Dana and Daria about the sufi teachings inspiring high moral values. His stories about the ancient inventors and creators give the kids glimpses into their rich cultural heritage.

These beautiful stories inspire a sense of wonder about nature and curiosity about our cultural heritage.

Kindling a Sense of Wonder

The enchanting and timeless stories with whimsical watercolor illustrations make the book fun to read and explore for everyone. The beautiful stories in this book “Tales from Dada’s Farm” kindle a sense of wonder about nature and about our cultural heritage. Not only your kids but the inner child in you would also fall in love with these stories!

If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, 46 B.C.