Essential Muslim Prayers & Living a Devotional Life: A Beginner’s Guide to Salah, Prayers from Quran and Spiritualism in Islam

Table of Content

  • Introduction: Tranquility, Kindness, Giving, God, The Right Path, Spirituality
  • Salah: Wudu & Ghusl, Times of Salah & Rakat, Farz, Sunnah & Nafl Salah, Azan & Iqama (the call for Salah), Salah Steps, How to Perform Salah, Pillars of Salah (Obligatory and Wajob elements of Salah, Notes on Salah (Ruqu, Sajda, Traveller’s Prayer, Workplace Salah, Juma, Group Prayer Etiquettes, The Prophet’s Salah, Mindfulness in Salah, Sajda Sahw, Salah for Men & Women, Interruptions in Salah
  • Prayers for Salah: English transliteration and translations are included.: Takbir, Bismillah, InshaAllah, Shahada, Tasbeeh in Ruqu & Sajda, Seeking Allah’s Protection, Tashahhud (Attahyyat), Durood, Tasleem (Salam), Sura al-Fatiha, Sura al-Maun, Sura al-Kauthar, Sura al-Ikhlas, Sura al- Falaq, Sura al-Nas, Ayatul Kursi
  • Essential Prayers: Including Prayers from Quran, Prayers for Forgiveness, Prayer for the Departed, 5 Select Sura (English translation), Prayers in Ramadan, Allah’s Beautiful Names, How to do Dhikr (Zikr), Rabbana & Masnoon Prayers, Prayer Etiquettes

About the book:

This book contains the steps to perform salah, the translations and transliterations of prayers and short surahs that can be included in salah.

The writing of this book began as a personal project to curate the essential prayers that we typically learn while growing up as kids in a Muslim family. Somewhere down the road in our busy and anxious lives, away from our family elders, we start forgetting the core tenets of a devotional path. Picking up those threads proves to be unexpectedly difficult since the market and the internet abound with millions of books on complex topics but almost none on the simple ways of prayer.

It is the author’s hope that this simple guide on ‘how to pray’ would be helpful to those looking to begin or renew their spiritual journey.

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“Very beautiful book of prayers.” Amazon Review

“Lovely Book. Words that bring peace when we’re having a hard time. It’s like smearing a wound with oil. It’s comforting. Thank you for this book!.” Amazon Review

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