Journey on the Sufi Path

Books on Prayers and Sufi Life

About the books

Welcome. The writing of this book series began as a personal project to curate the ancient Sufi wisdom that is today hidden away in academic libraries.

In the biographies of the Sufi masters (The Lamps That Illuminated the World), we stay true to the facts, while learning about the spiritual experiences of the three Sufis (Sheikh al-Junaid, Hazrat Bayazid Bistami and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani), as narrated in their autobiographical works, and in the accounts of their students and contemporaries.

The book on prayers (Essential Muslim Prayers & Living a Devotional Life) includes the steps to perform salah, the translations and transliterations of prayers and short surahs that can be included in salah.

It is the author’s hope that these books would be helpful to those looking to begin or renew their spiritual journey.

Thank You.