Barn and Brush Podcast: Farm Stories Entwined with Forests and Wildlife

Rewilding a Farm

01. Grandpa’s Farm Stories

We may not be able to change the world in big ways but each of us can light a candle. I hope through these farm stories to continue to spark a love for nature and wildernesses.


02. Grandpa Begins His Farming Adventure

Grandpa nurtured a sense of wonder in all of us through tales of nature. “Grandpa’s Farm Stories” were stories that helped to connect us with our roots and keep us grounded in our culture and beliefs.

“Listen,” grandpa would say, “a naturalist doesn’t poke sticks into tree trunks to bother insects, catch tadpoles in nets, or take eggs from bird nests.” “Someone who really loves nature isn’t just into it because it’s good for the planet or because of clinical curiosity, but because their heart is kind and caring to all the living things around us.”

The following podcast series is the story of how grandpa started his farm and the heart-warming ways in which he shared his knowledge.


03. Farm Stories of Fields, Forests and Woodlands

Welcome to a world where farm life intertwines with forests and wildlife. This playlist takes you on an immersive journey through fields and woodlands and bushcraft where every farm story is a glimpse into the heart of nature’s beauty and the art of living off the land.

Thank You 🙂