After spending many years in the business world, I now hope to devote my life to the realms of peace and nature.

SagaTeller is my humble effort to make the world a more beautiful place and live a more meaningful life.

This site contains my work on two intertwined projects.

Through my project, “Journey on the Sufi Path,” I seek to discover the wisdom of the ancient masters that lies hidden in academic libraries. Their wisdom has humbled me and given me a sense of peace that I had never experienced before. I hope to share what I’ve learned with you.

Through my project “Grandpa’s Farm Stories,” I curate stories that connect us to our roots and keep us grounded in our culture and beliefs. These are stories that are primarily written for kids but I believe they should be equally enjoyable by adults.

Books in both the projects highlight the value of living a truthful life.

Please join these groups and share your experiences. Anything you share from your personal spiritual journey will be a blessing to everyone. We are all learning and have the same destination.

“This place is a dream
only a sleeper considers it real
then death comes like dawn
and you wake up laughing
at what you thought was your grief.”

Mevlana Rumi. .

Thank you for visiting!